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Dave Wicklund, former FDIC examiner and Plansmith's Director of ALM Advisory Services, has updated his popular interest rate risk and liquidity risk management training with 11 fresh recordings.

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For all of 2019, you'll have access to:

  • Pre-recorded sessions to watch at your convenience
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Building an Effective IRR Program
5 pre-recorded sessions + PDF handouts
Building an Effective Liquidity Program*
4 pre-recorded sessions + PDF handouts
Director Training Sessions
pre-recorded sessions + PDF handouts
IRR Modeling Principals
Key IRR Model Assumptions - Assets
Key IRR Model Assumptions - Deposits
IRR Management
Independent Review, Model Validation, Backtesting
Liquidity Risk Measurements
Cash Flow Modeling
Policies and Contingency Funding Plans (CFPs)
Controls, Independent Review & Testing the CFP

IRR 101: Guidance for Outside Directors
Liquidity 101: Guidance for Outside Directors*
For a limited time, your purchase includes:
IRR 101 Director Training (a $295 value)
For a limited time, your purchase includes:
Liquidity Risk 101 Director Training (a $295 value)
Price: $995 Price: $795   Price: $295 each or $495 for both
Includes 20 minutes of one-on-one Q&A with Dave
Includes 20 minutes of one-on-one Q&A with Dave
*available January 2018
Get the complete training series for $1,595  

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