Our Heroes

Out of every crisis comes stories of kindness and caring, and the current crisis has been no different. We've been hearing wonderful stories of how community banks have been doing their part to alleviate some of the difficulties in their communities.

Enjoy some stories from our client banks below.

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John L. Leinberger

President / CEO / Asst. Trust Officer

We are proud to be supporting our local county version of the United Way by matching up to $25,000 in local donations.  The MCUF will take the individual donations to buy local business gift cards, while the bank donation will be used to support the service agencies, i.e. Food Pantry, Senior Services, etc.

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Jeffrey T. Boundy

President & CEO

Here is information we put together for a press release as we successfully entered the program on April 3rd and worked around the clock to support our clients application needs for the PPP loans.

When the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) started funding its innovative Paycheck Protection Program on April 3, local Illinois bank Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company was ready to engage immediately to lend money to small businesses through this program. Cornerstone navigated new and evolving applications and processes with the SBA to make guaranteed loans available to small businesses in record time. 

 In less than two weeks, Cornerstone made SBA-guaranteed loans to more than 560 small businesses for over $165 million.  SBA approved 100% of the loans Cornerstone’s existing customers applied for as their business bankers worked around the clock to service their immediate financial need.  On Thursday, April 16, the SBA announced that all of the initial funding had been allocated.

“In these unprecedented times, Cornerstone and its talented and dedicated employees rose to an enormous challenge and delivered unprecedented customer service,”  said Jeff Boundy, Cornerstone’s President and CEO.  Boundy credited excellent cooperation and communication with Cornerstone’s customers and staff as key factors in achieving such exceptional results. 

 “We anticipate that there will soon be another round of SBA funding to support small business with ongoing challenges.  When that next round is approved, our team at Cornerstone stands ready to again serve the small business community with unwavering dedication and excellent customer service,” Boundy concluded.

 Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company is a locally owned and operated community bank headquartered in Palatine, with branches in Lake Zurich, Crystal Lake and Naperville.  As the tagline says, Cornerstone is “Where You Belong®”

 For further information, please contact Jeff Boundy at 847.654.3000 or send an email to info@cornerstonenb.com.


Kirby Hall

Vice President & Controller

Hello!  I’m looking forward to reading information you share regarding what other banks are doing to help others during this challenging time.

Our bank partnered with our local food pantry to collect monetary donations for them.  We promoted this in our social media channels and in printed ads.  We are also matching the first so many dollars in donations, in addition to all employee donations to the food pantry. 

Also, every employee and board of directors, along with their significant other, were able to order a meal at a local restaurant for “Take Out Tuesday” last week and the and the bank picked up the tab. 

And just like countless other banks, our loan team has spent numerous hours reaching out to small businesses about the SBA PPP Program. 

Our small-town community bank has been great during this time!!


Ashley Udell

Executive Assistant

Thank you for asking us for stories about how we’ve helped our employees, customers and communities during COVID-19. In addition to encouraging everyone to support our local businesses through full-page ads in our newspapers, on billboards and of course on social media, I have two specific stories to share about how PrimeSouth Bank is doing its part to help during this crisis:

  1. One of PrimeSouth’s core values is community. Our customers, employees and communities are our priority. In order to support them all at this unprecedented time, we purchased gift cards from our local business customers in each of our markets and gave them to our employees. This way, we were able to support our small businesses as well as recognized our employees for their dedicated service to our customers.
  2. PrimeSouth will soon be celebrating the healthcare heroes who bank with us.  In the coming days,  we will provide a catered lunch to thank the Primary Physician Offices and Specialty Clinics who are helping to combat the spread of COVID-19. We will use the restaurants who bank with us to supply the lunches, thereby showing our gratitude to our customers in the healthcare field but also helping support our restaurant customers as well.