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IRR 101: Guidance for Outside Directors - $295

Interest Rate Risk management is an area of heightened concern regulators. Examiners have expanded their reviews to include board and senior management oversight as a crucial part of a sound IRR management program.

Institutions must also ensure that their IRR policies, procedures, and modeling efforts are complying with the latest regulations.

This session was developed specifically for your board of directors and includes essential information that every director must know in order to effectively oversee your institution's IRR management program.

Topics covered include:

  • Regulatory expectations for Directors and ALCO members
  • Common models and measurement techniques
  • IRR policy and internal controls
  • Modeling scenarios
  • Yield curve risk modeling


About Dave Wicklund:

Dave leads Plansmith's Educational and Advisory Services Division. He provides advisory services focusing on ALM model assumption development, policy guidance, independent review/validation, backtesting, and regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining Plansmith, Dave spent over 20 years at the FDIC, serving as Senior Bank Examiner and Capital Markets Subject Matter Expert. While at the FDIC, Dave co-developed and served as a lead course instructor for the FDIC's Asset/Liability Management School, developed nation-wide materials and led train-the-trainer sessions for the FDIC's Evaluating IRR Models training course, was an instructor at the Federal Reserve Board of Chicago's Asset/Liability Lab, and served as Examiner-in-Charge of numerous community bank examinations. Dave was an instructor for the FDIC's Directors College and has authored several articles released to community bankers on interest rate risk, independent review requirements, and liquidity risk management.

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